What you can do for creating a beautiful moment with me together:

Of course, clients want the best result when they commission a professional photographer to do the family photo shooting. The professional photographers do their best to service you; however, you can help to reach an even better result by doing the following tips.

  1. Doing your family session on a day which everyone is totally free or not much schedule, so
    everyone will be more relaxed.
  2. Planning your outfit style earlier, for example: members of family wear similar style clothing.
    Matching outfit style will help the photographer creating better images. If you do not have ideas
    about this, welcome to discuss with me before the session.
  3. Welcome to bring any props which reflect your family interests, hobbies, living style. These small
    props create unique photo styles.
  4. Another important thing is getting your outfits and prop at least one day earlier, so you make sure
    that you do not forget anything.
  5. Having light snacks before the session or bring some light food and water, so no one will be hungry
    during the photo shooting.
  6. Always be on time. For the photograph, the lighting is very important. Being late could result
    missing the best lighting of the day which is the thing we do not want to experience.
  7. If you decide the photo shooting at your home, please make sure the environment is clean and tidy.
    We do not want to waste time to move the things which may distract the attention in the photos.